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I need a laugh (also news). Criminal? Moi?? Happy Trails Well, now that Ayers is out, why not?

Cohen Gets 3 Years

here Just about the National median, 6 Months less than the Probation Department recommended. Three additional years of Probation with Supervision (that means travel restrictions and periodic reports to a Probation Officer). Five Hundred Thousand Dollar Fine plus roughly $1.5 Million in Back Taxes and Penalties. That works out to 1 Year per Count (Bank Fraud … Continue reading


source site Are You Ready For Some Football?

Kaepernick! Kaepernick! Now let us mourn the fortunes of the Washington First Nationals. Like that? I think it’s catchy. Redskins routed by Giants, 40-16, as many fans leave at halftime of embarrassing loss By Les Carpenter, Washington Post December 9, 2018 At halftime of the worst game in a crumbling Washington Redskins season, a crowd formed around … Continue reading

Who Is Maria Butina? Well, she’s pleading Guilty under Section 951 for conspiring to act as an agent (read Spy) of a foreign government. This as opposed to being charged under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (read Lobbyist). What’s puzzling to people is how unprofessional her activities were, not like a trained agent, more like someone who had read …

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Fact Checked

Must see TV! So after that you might have the impression that they went into a private session. It lasted about long enough for Pelosi and Schumer to take off their microphones and leave where they said this to reporters- It’s Fox and the volume is low. I give Nancy and Chuck props. They called …

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Yay! Just what we need, an Avatar Theme Park. Jenny Nicholson

Over There

Well the leaders of Britain and France will both be addressing their nations tonight over crisis situations developing in their countries. May, of course, will be talking about Brexit and her stunning inability to get her plan through Parliament. It’s not just that the numbers are bad, it’s that they’re getting worse with each passing …

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Seven Hours

It took only 7 hours for a Jury verdict of “Guilty” on the First Degree Murder charges against James Fields who in fact (Juries are finders of fact) murdered Heather Heyer. Witnesses testified that he backed up before launching his car into a group of Counter Protesters at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, …

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Founders. Am I Right?

Not A Rant (Good Guys With Guns)

Cody Johnston Chances are you’re going to want to play that Harmonica. Life is as depressing as hell.

Mostly Christmas

Not so Jolly Old St. Robert III From The Makers Of Empire Be Best A New Vagina For Christmas Extra Normalizing Surveilance Shopping Home For The Holidays Not Christmas I will kill the men in the iron suits and tear down their stone houses! Not the movie you think it is. No, really. Oh, you …

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