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A Fork is a relatively recent development in Cutlery.

“I think that, at some point, that’s going to sort of just disappear, I hope.”

Wednesday, July 1, 2020. Interview withBlake Burman on Faux Business News. Yup. Disappearing. Rush to reopen led to spikes in cases that threaten to overwhelm hospitals in some states, officials say By Robert Barnes and Derek Hawkins, Washinton Post July 5, 2020 “We’re right back where we were at the peak of the epidemic during …

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Not a Rant

The Best of Roy Wood Jr. in Quarantine Jordan Klepper Talks to MAGA The Best of Desi Lydic in Quarantine The Best of Michael Kosta in Quarantine

No Sports?

2020 Lancaster Archery Classic- Men’s Barebow Finals 2020 Lancaster Archery Classic- Women’s Barebow Finals 2020 Lancaster Archery Classic- Men’s Recurve Finals 2020 Lancaster Archery Classic- Women’s Recurve Finals 2020 Lancaster Archery Classic- Open Pro Finals 2020 Lancaster Archery Classic- Women’s Open Pro Finals

All the Marbles (So Far)

I told you that as soon as we had some I’d be showing you the John Oliver inspired, HBO funded Jelle’s Marble Runs. They’ve had 3 so far. Opening Ceremonies and First Run- 1 Week Ago 6 Days Ago 2 Days Ago

The Breakfast Club (Apple Pie)

Welcome to The Breakfast Club! AP’s Today in History for July 5th Elvis Presley holds his first major recording session; Birth of the bikini; Enron’s Kenneth Lay dies; Arthur Ashe wins at Wimbledon; Larry Doby follows Jackie Robinson; Baseball’s Ted Williams dies. Breakfast Tune Happy 4th of July from the Tony Trischka School of Banjo …

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The Rochester Ladies Anti-Slavery Society July 5, 1852

Frederic Douglass- What to the Slave is the 4th of July? He who could address this audience without a quailing sensation, has stronger nerves than I have. I do not remember ever to have appeared as a speaker before any assembly more shrinkingly, nor with greater distrust of my ability, than I do this day. …

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Something on your mind Steve? Ouch. That gotta leave a mark. Discussion of Russian bounties thrusts deaths of three Marines into spotlight By Dan Lamothe, Missy Ryan, and Paul Sonne, Washinton Post July 2, 2020 Slutman, a 43-year-old married father of three, had served 15 years in the New York City Fire Department. Hines, 31, …

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This captures an interesting little cultural moment. In March of 2020, just before Les Stroud decided he might maybe want to get back to Canada before they closed the border eh?, he was in Las Vegas and hooked up with his friend, comedian Bill Engvall, who had his gig canceled and nothing much to do. …

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‘It was Chick-amauga’

Don’t lie to me and say you never watched Bugs Bunny. Chickamauga was the bloody end of a Union Offensive by Bill Rosencranz into North Georgia in September of 1863, delivered at the hands of Braxton Bragg. It featured the second highest number of casualties to date after Gettysburg. It was made more shocking because …

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Sock Puppets

A Sock Puppet is an Avatar you create that is different from your usual one so you can feign approval and praise (normally accompanied by substantial Astro Turfing) for your main Avatar’s work or opinions OR so you can attack others without exposing your identity. Now I have several remaining Avatars still “active” on dK …

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The New Homeless

Not everyone has HBO money (not to mention 5 Wax Presidents, he raffled off Russell Crowe’s Jock to benefit the last Blockbuster).

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