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The Breakfast Club (Nuts)

Welcome to The Breakfast Club! AP’s Today in History for September 13th Israel and the Palestinians sign a major accord; President George W. Bush takes responsibility for the federal response to Hurricane Katrina; Attica prison uprising ends; Rapper Tupac Shakur dies. Breakfast Tune Tupac Shakur Bluegrass version of Pain Something to think about, Breakfast News …

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Blue Law

Until relatively recently Connecticut had restrictive “Blue Laws” that forbade the sale of alcohol after 8 pm always and not at all on Sunday. I used to joke you had to decide how big your party was going to be before you started it. So we picked up the nickname “Blue Law State” which is …

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Because it’s instructive.

Gideon/Collins and some bit players (Maine has ‘Ranked Choice’ voting). BDN (Bangor Daily News), your source for things Maine. There are supposed to be 5 more but I’ve seen enough.


Well, kind of horrible but composed in 1789 or so and Mozart is not responsible for the Libretto (though he did agree to participate in the project). The short title, Così Fan Tutte literally means “So do they all”, using the feminine plural to indicate women. It is usually translated into English as “Women are …

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The Corona Cover-Up

Trevor takes off.

Honor Among Thieves

It’s a hell of a thing, killing a man. You take away everything he’s got and everything he’s ever going to have. Former officers charged in George Floyd killing turn blame on one another By Holly Bailey, Washington Post September 10, 2020 The four former Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd’s killing appear to …

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Back to School. It’s a really stupid idea. Prepare for lots of death.

The Department Of Homeland Security Should Be Abolished

For one thing- “Homeland”. Sound a little Nazi to you? For another thing Unindicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio has turned the parts of it he can into his personal Schutzstaffel and the rest of it just doesn’t work at all. Corruption is pervasive. Give the constituent Agencies back to the Cabinet Department they came from and …

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It’s actually a good thing.

So Corona Aid Lite (the Beer Trademark Police will probably come after me for that) failed Cloture 52 – 47 with Rand Paul as a Republican defector (“It”s too good for them!”) and Democrats unanimously opposed. It’s a lesson in Minority Rights for one thing, in the majority rule House it would have passed with …

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Seth, back in the Studio. Interesting, not funny.

Proving What We Already Know

So among the “Bombshells” competing for our attention is the revelation that he lied about Corona. Bob has it on tape. Good for Bob. Cohen has tapes too, likewise Mary, also Lester Holt (not for nothing). Two points. It won’t change a damn thing. The Racist Dominionists won’t care- he hates the right people. The …

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