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writing in the raw: stop.making.sense.edition.

If you’re ready to stop making sense… then take a jump below the fold…

part II

Rahmbo and His Blue Dogs: The Sissy Wing of The Democratic Party

Bowers writes a good one:

Fear seems like a good word to describe centrists and conservative Democrats in Congress, both within the leadership and within certain ideological caucuses. . . . Fear seems to stem from the leadership, as Emanuel and Hoyer have previously been labeled as responsible for not pursuing more aggressive tactics against Republican maneuvers like this. The House Democratic Caucus is rank with fear of Republican attacks, from the leadership down to the rank and file Blue Dogs. . . . Blue Dogs actually seem like the most scared people in all of Washington, D.C. as a result of this article. They are afraid of Republican attacks. They are afraid of conservative pundits. They are afraid of their constituents. They are afraid of motions to recommit that are meaningless in terms of actual policy. And they are protected by Emanuel and Hoyer, who seem petrified of all the same things. . .

A bunch of sissies is what they are. As we have repeated ad nauseum, the reason Dems have an image of weakness has little to do with national security, it is due to their spinelessness. Will these Sissy Dems ever learn?

Ok So Its Not Much Of A Diary

Well, its not really a diary at all – but it will give you a much needed laugh.
From the Financial Times “The Best Political Videos on YouTube”

Highlights including Bush Seniors’ thowing up upon eating brocolli
Enjoy and happy monday…

writing in the raw: it’s my nature

before my 16th birthday, my dad took me out for dinner. he said he figured it was time for the “sex” talk. whoo boy.

so we’re at dinner and i say, dad i know about sex… haven’t had it yet, but like i know about it.

he says i only wanted to tell you this one thing: don’t ever let anybody fuck you. if you want to fuck them, that’s fine. but don’t EVER let anybody fuck you.

holy shit. what did he just say?

and then we both started laughing.

my father gave me one hell of a gift: the knowledge and confidence to own myself. to own my decisions. to be my own person.

yeah, you own yourself and you give yourself… don’t ever let anybody take anything you are unwilling to give.

but when you let go, let giving yourself be a completing act. because it’s love we all want, so make it about loving somebody.

then sex is a playground, an archeological dig. it’s absurd, a comedy, a vacation of hours… it’s making poetry in grunts and groans. it’s about that slow reveal… the getting there…

maybe, when we stop letting others define us

maybe, when we stop letting life define us

maybe, when we start defining ourselves

we’ll stop creating worlds in which we hate to live

Big surprise

I verbalized some concerns that Pete Stark would somehow end up apologizing for remarks that we were all cheering on. Here is what I said.

My why is simple: when will I learn? I knew Stark was going to qualify himself, Dems have been doing it consistently. Naturally, he just handed the Republicans a chance to blather about troops.

What Comes After Outrage?

We saw an election stolen, the will of the people denied.  And in the aftermath we saw every progressive and humane aspect of government subverted.  And we were outraged.

We saw the great City of New York attacked and even as people all around the world united in sympathy and gave help, criminals who had stolen power planned to go to war with the wrong enemy.  And we were outraged.

We saw the social apparatus of our nation subverted and prostituted to engender mistrust and hatred towards anyone who would speak the truth.  And we were outraged.

writing in the raw: leave-your-facts-at-the-door edition

Facts… silver bullets in the war against the ignorant, the uninformed, and the intolerant.

Facts. That’s all we need. Forget love, faith, religion, God, even reason or logic. It’s all about the facts. Why can’t these damned neocons and wingnuts just ACCEPT the fucking FACTS???

Thanks, TR

My husband and I have an ongoing discussion that will probably always be ongoing. I spit on the Republicans. He reminds me that Teddy Roosevelt, a man who helped bring the idea of conservation to the national stage, and brought forth action to support it was a Republican.Of course, later on he wasn’t. I remind him that his atheist, mildly environmentally conscious point of view would not be particularly welcome in today’s party. He admits in the end he has no “party”, I admit I am not sure I have one either. This is how  moderate conservatives and liberals end up being married. We don’t need to be bipartisan because neither of the two parties accurately represents us.

Larry Craig inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame

No, that’s not an exaggeration.  This is not a satire.  Larry Craig has just been inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame.

It was announced on the local TV news a couple of days ago that since the nomination, “Had already been in the works for a few months”, they would continue to go forward with giving the award to Craig. 

I just saw on the TV that the award was given to him today.  This is the same award given to Frank Church–the best (imo) statesman Idaho has every produced.

writing in the raw: where IS melvin?

i don’t have much tonight. i thought i’d write about writing on the blogs. like how to structure these essays or diaries. how to make them work better. but suddenly, i don’t want to anymore. I want to jam about Jay Elias’s essay, Of Politics and People

Many of you may wonder why I have been so dogged with my “Quotes for Discussion” posts over the last year.  I usually offer them up without context or commentary, and they are tangential to the point of the sites where I post them at best.  Further, few people, including few of you, bother to read them or discuss them.  And even more, sometimes the quotes, and my purpose in posting them, is very hard to gather.  So, I’ll tell you why.

I post those quotes to remind us about people, and to try to get people to think about them, often in a different way than usual for politics.  Because it is easy to speak of political policy and strategy without thinking about these things, about the crucial role that people will have in them.

It is my belief that most political programs and ideas fail because they are not conceived or implemented with people in mind.

emphasis mine (and also a bit out of order of the original)

And I want to go on about Delivery in jessical’s Pony Party: Oh Superman, In a Box.

Behind the ‘peace process’

As Ehud Olmert busied himself shaking hands with Abbas and correcting uninformed journalists from calling the Annapolis summit a “peace conference”, the IDF yesterday ordered the expropriation of over 1,100 dunams of land from four Palestinian villages (Abu Dis, Arab al-Sawahra, Nebi Musa and Talhin Alhamar) in the West Bank, between East Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim. The land will be used for a new Palestinian road connecting East Jerusalem with Jericho, thereby freeing up the so-called E-1 area for Israeli development.

This follows a recent report that Israel’s police force in the West Bank is moving its HQ to the E-1 area.

writing in the raw: the power of one

Horror happens every day… and it can shrivel your very soul. This is dedicated to those among us defying the horror.

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