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Should John Dingell be primaried out in 2008 or 2010?

Tom Friedman writes about how Michigan automakers and Toyota have consistently fought against rises in auto emissions standards. What Friedman doesn’t get is what he calls empty-barrel politics — or the practice by Detroit automakers of constantly fighting against higher and higher MPG standards, even though they have been brought to the verge of bankruptcy by those standards.

U.K. judge: Gore film biased but OK in schools

An update to this earlier essay, the UK Judge reviewing AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH in response to a lawsuit brought by a Dover truck driver, as determined that the film will be allowed in schools as long as the teacher do not endorse it.

I can see it now.  ‘Hey, lads, watch this film but don’t ask me what I think of it, as I am only your professor…’

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