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Google Thyself

I highly recommend it.  Most revealing is the amount of stuff about you all over the net.  This is the first step toward knowing what “they” know about you so you can think about who could/would use it against you.

Net neutrality aside we may be entering that downward slide in the “wonders” of computing.  That double edged sword of technology once again.  Will it be used to unite or enslave people.

Joe Wilson waxes Palinesque against Net Neutrality, invokes 9/11, Iraq and Iran

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    Yesterday, South Carolina Congressman Joe “YOU LIE” Wilson gave a speech condemning Health Care Reform as a “Greater Control” on American lives. The video can be seen here, but the main event is below the fold.

      Fear mongering over health care reform is nothing new for Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC02), but the speech he gave on the House floor a few days ago that was mocked by Jon Stewart should stand in the Wingnut Hall of Fame of insane, disconnected rants that have nothing at all to do with the reality of the issues being discussed.

    It is, in a word, Palinesque.

    More below the fold.

Documenting Your Compliance

Got a lawyer?  Is he “on retainer”?

This episode of Lasthorseman’s Apocalyptic Times comes direct to you from a local registry of deeds.  The deeds registry used to be about who owned property.  That is so pre-911 mindset though and has been recently expanded to cover a host of New World Order doublespeak Orwellianisms.

Samples include “Suggestion of Death”,”Certificate of Compliance”, and my personal favorite “Vacation of Judgement”.

Internet Attack

Nothing says elite establishment American more than the name Rockefeller.  Here he is trying to sell you something that only ensures his kind stays atop the food chain.


Cyber threat in this case means you.  The threat of Americans learning and discovering and embracing the truth just might end their control over us.

Utopia 5: Class Discussion

Other problems include the fact that this system rewards the least scrupulous behavior and penalizes community oriented behavior. It concentrates wealth in the hands of the wealthy and in so doing also concentrates the power at the top, creating a plutocracy in the least case and economic feudalism in the worst case.
The problem in the United States is a kind of willed ignorance. A decision that people make not to know things. I think that is the primary problem in the United States;that people with education and access to information make a choice not to know things. Because to know things if one retains any sort of moral sensibility, if you know about something that's going on that is inconsistent with your own principles, once you know about it there is the moral question about why have you not acted.


In the United States part of this mass mediated, mass marketed mass medicated world is about allowing people to remain willfully ignorant. That is another level that we have to combat. This is where I often find myself again in tension because if you look at things like the movie industry and television and spectacle sports, all of this industry that is designed to keep people out of touch, that has to be resisted and when you resist that, then you are told that you are being elitist and ya know you got to understand that it is good to go to the Cubs game now and then. And I think, “No!” I actually think that's part of the problem. So these tensions work out too, in organizing. How do you reject that part of the society without doing it in a way that seems to be talking down to ordinary people? How do you make that analysis part of a bigger politics that tries to offer an alternative to the mass mediated, mass marketed, mass medicated world? So its both about critique and construction of alternatives.
Robert Jensen – “The Old Future's Gone – Progressive Strategy Amid Cascading Crises” which can be heard in its entirety at Unwelcome Guests #428 and #429.

AOL Hometown is Closing


Yes but you may say, well so what, that is no big deal.

Ah, but you miss the bigger picture and other indications pointing to the death of the internet.

Why do I and why should you think this is a very bad deal.

Because Goddammit when lamestream wants you to have an opinion THEY will give it to you.

Eclectic Collections: The Googling, Citizen Journalism and Thou

Above the fold, two surreal videos. Below, a quick mention of some of the past week’s pieces on ePluribus Media that you may not have seen and will probably find very interesting.  Opening volley: Surreal Videos — “The Googling” Part 1 and Part III:


After the flip, a brief preview of some of the great pieces currently on ePluribus Media.

Say goodbye to youTube!

Google video and youTube are releasing a beta software package that “allows” copyright holders to block clips.

The 911 truth people are most upset as it means all those clips of original news footage of the day could be forever lost. Yes, we are backing up the good ones now.  Technicians will once again have to figure out a way to bypass this crap.

Today though those many websites I saw two years ago warning of the Orwellian dangers of DRM(digital rights management) and Windows Longhorn have disappeared and been replaced with the how wonderful Microshaft is.

Net neutrality was never a real issue, the real issue is will the net become just a cheap plastic shopping mall with streaming Faux News reports geared to a mental age of twelve.

Shit like this just sends me into my usual incoherent rage.

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