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BrokenRoots: Helping the Homeless: “There’s no turning back!”

(crossposted at DailyKos)Can a single individual make a dent in the homelessness crisis in America?  

Meet Jory John, former programs director at 826 Valencia and creator of The Peanut Butter Plan, and Mark Horvarth, a formerly homeless Hollywood video producer, who is heading back home from a 2 1/2 month long road trip blogging (he’s Hardly Normal), photographing, filming, and interacting with community service organizations, volunteers and the nation’s homeless for InvisiblePeople.tv.

As new P&J volunteer centers spring up across the US and The Peanut Butter Facebook group swells past 2000, John discusses his quest to expand and improve his fledgling organization, to maximize impact. And Horvarth, on the final leg of his road trip across America, is undoubtedly changed forever by the ‘shock and awe’ of documenting our nation’s ‘invisible people.”

The most significant thing uniting these two men? The realization that “there’s no turning back.”

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