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Rapidly Expanding Veterans Care Needs, Finally!

And many more related, long needed but ignored, other area’s as to Veterans Issues!

VA secretary visits project

Gulf War Syndrome

Real Good News for Our Brother and Sister Veterans of Gulf War I, who like those who served with us in Vietnam, and many before that and after, the Country once again turned their backs and ignored after they returned, will hopefully get what the Country Promises for Service To. Trouble is, again, it’s way to late for those who have already passed on. For us it was Agent Orange and the other defoliants used, Vietnamese and Vets are still suffering from the lasting contamination, as well as PTSD, suffered in great numbers by those who serve especially in our occupations of others. The Country Cheers on War and the funding for but refuses to pony up for the long lasting results of many who are sent!

Congratulations Ilona and the VA: “Moving a Nation to Care”

Ilona Meager met many of us, especially us veterans, through using this technology, especially in research and posting on interactive community boards, and her awaking interest in a subject she had never thought much about until reading reports about suicides by returned veterans of the Afghan and Iraq occupations well into the start of both conflicts. Her interest caused her to start researching the why these were happening, joining her were other online researchers, many like her who might have heard about but never really thought about an extremely important issue, we veteran advocates have been fighting to get much more recognition for from the masses since especially our occupation Vietnam. That issue is Combat PTSD.  

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