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Hey “folks” – can you help me out – (no money involved)

I’d like to write a diary on my “savvy entitlement” use.  As well – Obama himself tells us “folks” are asking him a pertinent question.  It would be good to hear some critical thinking and interpretation from the “folks” at the Docudharma “Folk Community” to aid the president in framing an answer to this burning query.  

When bush left to pursue further commitments to excellence, too bad he didn’t take the word “folks” with him.  Alas, it is always front and center.  And while “folks” is well “folksy” and denotes a real populist bent – as we know, the people using it are not so much interested in us as “folks” as they are in using the word as much as possible.  And it is possible oh so much.

I would also like to engage the readers here who are entitled – I myself am a Social Security/Medicare queen.  I thought I’d go thru a day wherein I use my “savvy” instincts with my entitlements to live the good life most “folks” deserve.  Would like to hear from some of you how you cope and for instance, what you do with the monies left over from your entitlments (including unemployment insurance, help from the state, etc.) and how you can “tighten your belts” or “make the sacrifices” – “everyone has to make sacrifices” after all.  


Here are some quotes from the quick talk Obama gave to the folks at The Brookings Institute – the Hamilton Project:

“Folks ask me how do I maintain my idealism”?

Never occured to me to ask such a question – but perhaps some of you have some thoughts on the subject.

then, he works the Brookings/Hamilton folks into a smiling lather:  I am a free trade guy and believe in markets.

On its face, not particularly pernicious but to folks on Main Street – not what we really need to hear right now.  Though of course, remember – he is talking to the folks at Brookings.  Then:

“How do we in fact deal with the losers in the global economy”?

These guys are uniquely qualified to understand and answer this question:  they are all winners, so we can learn a lot from them in how to win and rub off this damned “loser” tatoo from our foreheads.  Plus, I get real nervous when the elites start talking about how to “deal” with me.

Then, he goes on to talk about – oh don’t make me say it – okay, training.  Since I know how to clean house and scrub floors – I’m in good shape to find work but can only hope my age won’t interfere with me getting that work, and I feel guilty wresting it away from other younger workers – though my wresting days are behind me.  It’s true I worked for a measly 49 years or so and was good at what I did but believe me, I wouldn’t last a day in a lawfirm today.  So much has changed in the electronic field – and everything there is faster than ever.  Let’s face it, I ain’t that fast anymore – and wisdom is certainly not overrated in the job market.

So –  Any suggestions, thoughts? Any tweaks, framing issues.  Is there a folk song in here somewhere?  

And in closing, folks.  Here is a interesting comment for lefties like us, and he says he considers himself a lefty precisely at this point.

Too many folks have been interested in defending programs the way they were written in 1938.

We need to adopt 21st century solutions for a 21st century economy….

This leftie wouldn’t talk too much about a 21st century economy as something we should hold up but as an entitlement queen, it’s my guess the folks at Brookings and the Hamilton Project consider me and my ilk part of the problem.  

So I open the floor to you – firstly, how can you cut expenses and “make sacrifices” – and secondly, how can we as a community get rid of the neon sign on our foreheads – l.o.s.e.r. – the electric costs alone from it blinking off and on are becoming exhorbitant.

I’d like to thank Corrente (speaking of excellence) for putting this video up – and you guys know I’m not real good at embedding, etc.  you can mosey over there and watch the whole thing.