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Guiliani Spills the Beans

canine side effects of lasix Wednesday night Donald Trump’s lawyer, former US Attorney and NYC Mayor, Rudolph Guiliani appeared with Fox News’ Sean Hannity spilling the beans on the $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels creating even greater legal headaches for Trump. In the typical long winded interview, Guiliani revealed that Trump repaid his private lawyer Michael Cohen after …

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Blog Talk Radio – Progressive Independence Radio – 8PM EDT

go site We’ve got a lot to talk about tonight: Ohio’s Green Party gubernatorial candidate Dennis Spisak, one of incumbent and Democrat Ted Strickland’s creatures stalking Spisak on the ‘net, Don Blankenship and why he should be in prison, more about the Full Court Press (I talked with fellow blogger Jeff Roby last week on the subject), and finally, porn starlet Stormy Daniels’ run for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana to replace GOPer David Vitter.

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