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Rant of the Week: Bill Maher – American Ninja Warrior: Democracy Edition

Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time, addresses voter suppression, a strictly Republican tactic, in his New Rules segment. “Elections were meant to eliminate candidates not voters.”

The Real Purpose for Sally Yates’ Testimony: Propaganda to Elect Trump

You remember Sally Yates, who served as Acting Attorney General for 10 days in the fledgling Trump Crime Regime before the unindicted co-conspirator fired her for refusing to back his Muslim ban. She was back testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Lyndsey Graham (R-SC). Ms. Yates blew the GOP conspiracy theories undercutting …

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2020 Presidential Primaries: 4 States Minus One – 441 Delegates

There were four states scheduled to vote today, Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio. On Monday, Ohio has “postponed” its primary citing the outbreak of the highly contagious coronavirus. There are 441 delegates at stake in the three remaining states that were all won by Hillary Clinton in 2016. Washington state’s primary was called for Vice …

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2020 Presidential Primaries: Northern Mariana Islands Convention

Senator Bernie Sanders (VT-I) won the the Northern Mariana Islands Democratic caucuses Saturday. A small string of islands in the Pacific, that has been a US territory since 1975, will send six delegates to the Democratic National Convention in July. As a territory, the Northern Mariana Islands gets a voice in the primary, but not …

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2020 Presidential Primaries: 6 More States – 352 Delegates

There are six states holding primaries today that will bestow another 352 delegates to the only three candidates left in the race: former Vice President Joe Biden; Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT); and Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). Currently. Mr. Biden leads in the count with 664 delegates to Mr. Sanders’ 573 and Ms. Gabbard’s 2. Mr. …

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2020 Presidential Primaries: Super Tuesday – March 3 – The Aftermath

The vote counting went on into the wee hours of the morning due to the long lines in Texas and California but for different reasons. In Texas, it was the usual voter suppression by closing or moving hundreds of voting station in heavily Democratic white and minority neighborhoods. While in California, it was a confusing …

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2020 Presidential Primaries: The Bloom Is Gone

After spending hundred of millions od dollars to blanket the airways with ads and his dismal showing in the primaries yesterday, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ended his campaign. As the candidate who claims he is best positioned to defeat President Donald Trump in November licked his wounds, his campaign signalled to NBC News that …

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2020 Presidential Primaries: Super Tuesday – March 3

Fourteen states and one US territory vote today to make their choice for whom they want as candidate for President. Both parties are holding primaries and a caucus. Donald Trump still has a challenger, former Governor Bill Weld (R-MA), who has said he will not drop out after today. The number of candidates for the …

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Rant of the Week: Bill Maher – New Rule: Big Show with Crazy Maniac

On Friday night’s segment of Bill Maher’s “Real Time” on HBO, He asks the serious question, what will we do if Trump loses the 2020 election and refuses to relinquish the White House. Damn good question. Warning language is not suitable for family viewing

About Damn Time

Up Date 19:30 3/6: Via Raw Story: After the recent reports that Fox News has openly become an extension of President Donald Trump‘s White House, the Democratic National Committee announced it would not partner with the network for any primary debates. Trump responded to the news by saying that he might refuse to go to …

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