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Behold the Grand Misdirection — Lockbox vs the Loan-Sharks

follow site The Austerity Rhetoric is ramping up.

farmacia online viagra generico 100 mg a Firenze The National Debt is the Issue of the Day.

How in the world are we going to pay for it — especially for all those Baby-Boomers with the audacity to dare to Retire, after working all our lives;

After paying all our lives into the Social Security Trust Fund, http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-viagra-online-generico-a-Venezia as our Govt required us to do.

HOW Dare We — actually expect the Govt to Pay the Benefits that we were promised?   prednisone 40mg Oh the Nerve!

Here’s the sleight of hand Hoodwink that the GOP Loan-Sharks are preparing to pull off — pay attention, because it’s a classic trick of misdirection — and it goes by fast:

It is the Federal Government that has the levitra cheap Legal Obligation

prezzo viagra generico 50 mg pagamento online a Napoli to payback the Social Security Trust Fund

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=cheap-prices-for-levitra-20mg NOT the other way around !

It is the Federal Govt that raided OUR Retirement “Cookie Jar” —

and it is the Federal Govt that needs to replace them.

What’s left of OUR “Cookies” should be viagra generico 50 mg in farmacia senza ricetta pagamento online a Roma permanently off the Table.

In other words, watch All cuts to SS Benefits should be OFF the Table.