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Not A Rant

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=omprare-viagra-generico-200-mg-consegna-rapida-a-Napoli Ok, we need to bring this boy home. He’s so out of touch he thinks Brian Williams is still relevant.

I used to think I was jaded and cynical.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=levitra-20-mg-consegna-gratuita Compared to what? Doomed, delusional, divided and corrupt: How the Democratic Party became a haunted house by Andrew O’Hehir, Salon September 22, 2019 Face to face with what looks an awful lot like the rise of American fascism, the Democratic Party has a historic opportunity — and a historic responsibility. It has repeatedly proven itself …

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Welcome Home Bill

follow link While an improvement over past Mayors which memorably includes such recent disasters as Koch, Giuliani, and Bloomberg, de Blasio kind of got the Obama Nobel (for not being W) and has proven to be of middling competence and unremarkable impact except that he’s going to use the Cincinatus/Washington method of peaceful transition of power. Truth …

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Some Wisdom from Robert Reich

siti sicuri per comprare vardenafil 20 mg The Real Political Battle 12 Myths About Taxing The Rich Fun and Games ‘Murika- The Story

This Guy, Still

To say that people have the memory of a Goldfish (whom are memorably said to swim in circles because by the time they get around to the back side of the bowl they’ve forgotten the front side even existed) is a vile canard to Goldfish who are entirely capable of demonstrating complex sets of learned …

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Back To School

Sometimes people forget I used to work in Sandy Hook. They named a Sandwich after me at the General Store, Pepperoni and Swiss on a Poppy Kaiser, Onion, Brown Mustard.

Berke v. Lewandowski

The part you didn’t see on TV (unless you were watching CSPAN or PBS).

States’ Rights My Ass

I told you this was coming. Trump administration to revoke California’s power to set stricter auto emissions standards By Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis, Washington Post September 17, 2019 The Trump administration will revoke California’s right to set stricter air pollution standards for cars and light trucks on Wednesday, according to two senior administration officials, …

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Bring On The Black Rod

Wait, that’s a British thing, I mean bring on the Staff as the Democrats get half an hour uninterupted… Well what exactly? The best evidence of obstruction of justice By Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post September 17, 2019 The White House has no authority, legal or otherwise, to give these orders.” To be clear, the president …

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Not that big a deal.

I don’t trust Cy Vance Jr. any more than I do his Dad, a Card Carrying member of the Centrist Neo Liberal Establishment. Jr. has the additional baggage of being an Epstein/Weinstein Pervert Protector and to contend he’s taking over the Southern District’s investigation into Trump Trollop Payoffs with avenging intent is expecting a Daniel …

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I dunno, hard to make this funny. What they want is to return to a 50s SitCom land where white guys made all the “important” decisions, having the last word on anything they chose to meddle in really. It’s really too late to lock the golden door, they’re already here.

Not A Rant

Lew Black has mellowed, I hope he’s feeling alright.

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