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The Odd Thing About Conspiracy

So let’s say you and I come up with an elaborate (or not so because we’re morons) plan to rob a Bank. That’s a crime. We’re conspirators in a crime. Now, if you shoot someone dead I’m part of Conspiracy to Murder (as well as Armed Robbery and a bunch of Firearms Felonies) even though …

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Why Don’t We Buy Greenland?

Is Elon Musk bribing our Unindicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio or what? A Tunnel? A Tunnel?! This is going to connect the (much reduced) West Bank to Gaza. Too moronic to dignify. A totally transparent attempt to distract from Bibi’s and UCcBP’s incredibly serious legal problems by proposing a horrifically bad idea. Trump unveils Middle East …

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Impeachment: Senate Trial 1.28.2020

Today is the last of the 3 days allowed under the rules for Opening Statements from Unindicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio’s defense team. Like Herod, I am unimpressed. Not that I’m casting UCcBP (Haven’t you been reading? The Media has gone all acronyms and Mr.) in any martyr role, just saying he’s not so good at …

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More Questions From Jen

Who’d a thunk? Trump’s defense is irrelevant. Only Bolton matters now. By Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post Jan. 27, 2020 Trying to raise executive privilege claims to prevent Bolton from testifying was already a stretch. The privilege cannot be used to cover up wrongdoing. And asserting it got a whole lot harder in the past 24 …

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Impeachment Tonight

Stephen was lazy or sick. Trevor Seth Big fan of Clemens, not sure I’m down with the Bolton comparison.

Impeachment: Senate Trial 1.27.2020

One thing that people are not paying attention to is that by only consuming 2 – 3 hours on Saturday, the Republican Managers have forfeited up to 6 hours of their 24 total given the 3 day restriction unless they want to run waaay late. I suppose I can catch the boys on YouTube. Of …

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Jennifer Rubin’s Questions

Let’s see if Republicans answer any of these today. Trump lawyers’ weak start opens the door to devastating questions By Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post Jan. 26, 2020 President Trump’s lawyers’ repeated assertions Saturday that they would not take much time on their case confirmed that they know the result is in the bag and that …

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Setting the Table

Forks necessary for the consumption of the meal are on the Left, organized by the order of courses to be served with the first being furthest from the center. Plates are stacked in a similar manner, if a bowl is required it’s usually provided by the Server and sits on top of a plate which …

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Happy Tardy New Year

Jon Lovitz in Hell First Order Intern R & B Dad Talk Anticipation Sports Injuries Larp Runamuck Are you ready for the sunshine? Are you ready for the birds and bees, the apple trees, and a whole lot of fooling around Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the hot nights? Are …

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The Manchester Union Leader

Well, I could have told you they wouldn’t endorse Sanders or Warren. First of all, New Hampshire has always hated Massachusetts because they have Crimean ambitions that the Seizure of Cape Cod will increase their warm water ports (New Hampshire has a scant 18 miles of coastline) and they wouldn’t let them expand North over …

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That about sums it up for me. All the anti-Republican Senate ads Democrats could possibly want By Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post Jan. 24, 2020 The impeachment trial will not result in President Trump’s removal, but it could well result in Republicans’ removal from the Senate majority. A slew of Republican incumbents were below 45 percent …

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Hmm… What to say about the debacle.

In the moment I thought most of it a mixture of lies, mischaracterizations, and InfoWars Conspiracy Theories. On reflection I worry that the cherry picked video clips of testimony may provide a fig leaf for some. Don’t get me wrong. It was all frothing raving madness. Assessing the Trump team’s 6-point impeachment defense By Philip …

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