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So… That Went Well.

It’s a mite hard to walk back when your personal appointment, a man who likes you enough to pay a good chunk of cold hard cash in return for a Title of Nobility, says that you in fact offered a $398 Million bribe of illegally delayed United States assistance duly appropriated and legally allocated by …

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Your Daily Shooting Gallery

Anybody who thinks that ‘it doesn’t matter who’s President’ has never been Drafted and sent off to fight and die in a vicious, stupid war on the other side of the world-or been beaten and gassed by Police for trespassing on public property-or been hounded by the IRS for purely political reasons-or locked up in …

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For the Record: Day 3

Opening Session- Lt. Col. Vindman and Jennifer Williams Transcript Afternoon Session- Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison Transcript

What it’s all about Alfie


For The Record: Day 2

Once again boring and reliable CSPAN because they have the transcript thing happening. The only witness Friday was former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Other people found it devastatingly compelling, I didn’t feel it advanced the plotline much (doesn’t mean I don’t also think he’s as guilty as hell on this specific thing or on conspiring …

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An early Middle Finger Salute to 2019

Apparently we won’t see John again until 2020. Can’t hardly believe it, big things still to happen. I almost titled this “Census Workers With A Taste For Blood” which I think makes a great elevator pitch especially if you have a name like Scarlett Johansson behind it (she could totally carry that attractive bureaucrat with …

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Not A Rant

Sorry Bill, some of us don’t like your fat shaming, anti-Vax, Islamophobic, Glibertarian ass as much as others do. Not that I hold it against you, free speech and all, but I think you a poor representative of Atheists because you’re just too rude. I really don’t feel compelled to stand outside the Church doors …

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Like Sands Through The Hour Glass

Ok, huge DOOL fan and EXTREMELY upset by the reports of its indefinite hiatus, however for my fellows things are not as bleak as they might seem. They’re on hiatus because they finished shooting really early this year, like months before renewal, so the contracts are not even up yet and Ted Corday, who still …

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Still think it didn’t happen?

Look I’ll flat out say that I don’t respect Fareed Zakaria any more than I do most “Objective” Journalists, which is to say- “Not at all.” He isn’t objective, instead he’s promoting the same kind of Beltway Both-siderism they all do because they’re a bunch of selfish geedheads who either deludedly think they actually are …

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For The Record- Day 1

C-SPAN Reliable and boring. Transcript

Impeachment Day 1: First Responses

(just a note: The original title was “First Responders”. After today’s events at Santa Clarita I decided to change it.) Some people may disagree but I contend that, at the moment, what is called “Late Night Talk”, with a few exceptions that remain firmly committed to a “no politics” approach, is the most important means …

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Peach Mint

Everyone’s favorite new flavor Prosperity Gospel A Month Late In fairness it probably got bumped a lot by “Breaking”. Veterans Day On Time!

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