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Cow Tokens of Clay to Pieces of Condensed Oil

Black Friday Economics. Money is a generally accepted medium of exchange, not a store of value. Want to store value? Invest in Enterprise. That part is pure Samuelson/Keynes, as conventional as it gets, the Modern part of Monetary Theory is recognizing that Taxes are not necessary to raise State Revenue (the State is already entitled …

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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose- Meleagris gallopavo Edition

Turkeys Away “Oh the Humanity!” Did you watch the whole episode? How could you possibly think this was a good idea? Tossing a Bird That Does Not Fly Out of a Plane by Annie Lowrey, The Atlantic 11/20/18 Here in Yellville this cold and rainy weekend, there are turkeys everywhere—turkey shirts and turkey costumes and …

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The New Manafort

As it turns out Rudy Guiliani has Ukraine connections that are just as deep and corrupt as Paul Manafort’s. Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman are the two Guiliani associates that were arrested at Dulles International. Parnas at least has signaled that he wants a deal for testimony and has already released a tranche of documents …

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Taking the Temperature

After a weekend of intensive WMUR watching (mostly for the weather which has been terrible) I’d like to report that campaign season finally seems to be getting underway. Last time I was here, in October, lots of personal appearances, not much coin. Now Steyer and Gabbard of course, but also Buttigieg, Warren, and Sanders. The …

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McGahn Must Testify

This is big, really big folks. McGahn used all of the same arguments that every other Administration Official made and he had a much better case than most for Lawyer/Client Privilege. All shot down. As Burt Gummer says to Earl Bass in Tremors 2– Why are you hiding behind that? You said it was going …

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Not the Hero Intially Reported

So the early stories on Navy Secretary Richard Spencer’s firing by Defense Secretary Mark Esper painted the situation as Spencer courageously standing on principle to strip a convicted and confessed (that’s what a pardon is folks, a confession and clemency) War Criminal of the honor of belonging, or ever claiming to have belonged to, an …

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Not A Rant

With my best girl by my side I would sing, Sing, SING! Can’t be a Yooper without knowing about Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox Babe.

Turkey for Me, Turkey for You

Don’t worry, I promise to spare you the rest. Everything is Fine I got Mom hosting Thanksgiving Energy Thanksgiving with the In-Laws As it turns out, Pocahontas dumped John Smith, was captured, forced to adpot Christianity, and taken as a Slave Bride to England where she died. Funny, huh? What a World! What a World. …

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Another Edition of ‘What digby said’.

I don’t often talk about it, but every writer has their influences. It is frequently said, “If you want to be a Great Author, read them,” and it’s true enough. Among my most notorious pieces are my ‘Homage to Catalonia’, oops I mean ‘Hills Like White Elephants’, and ‘The Sound and the Fury’ which I …

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A little inside Economics

I find sometimes when I talk to people about my Economic positions they look at me like some kind of three eyed monster. I am totally mainstream. Keynes, Samuelson (well, to the extent he steals from Keynes) it’s all in there. I have my modern influencers and one of them is Robert Reich. Why Billionaires …

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Thoughtful and Measured

I often find Seth provides balanced and thorough coverage. Or you can blow off everyone in your life and enter a Cheeto stained coma. Chris Hayes stands in the Armadillo lane waving at the traffic A more strident alarm from Rachel Zaz from Larry The other Larry I’m talking about Oak Island. So it’s not …

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And Now You Know

I’m actually kind of anxious having just 5 days of hearings, although the facts are abundantly clear- Unindicted Co-Conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio in violation of the criminal statutes involving withholding Federal funds and Election Financing as well as his Oath of Office and the Constitutional crime of Bribery personally directed the Majesty and Power of the …

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