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Amash Town Hall

source link Umm… I recognize the auditorium. No, seriously, I’ve been in that exact spot. Not where my people are from, Yooper meets Detroit (Richard and Emily have their moments, but don’t we all). I was born in one of those car name towns, I forget which actually, and by virtue of my ‘Ganderness can apply for …

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Steam Punk

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=can-women-use-levitra Did you know you can make a phonograph (an analog sound recording and playback device for you millennials and beyond) with Dirt, Water, a Wheel, a Pointy Stick, and a Membrane to attach it to? In analog recording what you want to do is create an analogue (homophone meaning similar as opposed to continuously variable) …

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Existential Crisis

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=siti-sicuri-per-comprare-viagra-generico-200-mg-pagamento-online-a-Roma I understand what an Existential Crisis is. (A) central proposition of Existentialism is that existence precedes essence, which means that the most important consideration for individuals is that they are individuals— independently acting and responsible, conscious beings (“existence”)— rather than what labels, roles, stereotypes, definitions, or other preconceived categories the individuals fit (“essence”). The actual …

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Not A Rant

It’s called bronzer

More Agenda

Between Sanders and Warren the good ideas just keep coming. Senator Sanders and Representative Lee Propose to Make Wall Street Pay Written by Dean Baker, Center For Economics and Policy Research 21 May 2019 This week Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Barbara Lee are introducing bills in the Senate and House for a financial transaction …

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The Agenda Fallacy

Institutional Democrats and Credulous Centrist Commentators constantly whine and complain that the Democratic Party can not be electorally successful without having a positive future plan instead of mere opposition and obstruction. Surprisingly, I agree as far as it goes. How far is that? First- Democrats have an Agenda! This Democrats in Disarray crap is at …

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Witness Tampering And Suborning Perjury

Before we forget, this week we also saw several releases of previously redacted Mueller court filings that, if true and they most likely are, indicate serious criminal behavior on the part of Unindicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio’s Defense team. One of these was the revelation that Jay Sekulow personally coached Michael Cohen’s perjured (legally settled fact) …

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What Happened?

What day is it? How did I get into bed? What are all those empty Tequila bottles? Actually it wasn’t like that at all. I had family obligations that took most of the day and it’s only going to get more like that as we move deeper into Spring/Summer/Fall travel season. I try to be …

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Who won the Cup Final in 1949?

The KISS Army It was in fact, Wolverhampton Wanderers who beat Leicester 3-1 Get Out

Calling A Tool For Digging Employed With The Foot A Card Suit Symbolizing Swords

Madam Zelda! Madam Zelda! In common law legal systems, black letter laws are the well-established legal rules that are no longer subject to reasonable dispute. Confidential draft IRS memo says tax returns must be given to Congress unless president invokes executive privilege By Jeff Stein and Josh Dawsey, Washington Post May 21, 2019 A confidential …

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Work is Work And you’re waaay too obsessed about sex. Makes me think you’ve never had any you freakish Incel.


You know, not everyone knows how to play. To begin the dominoes are placed face down and “shuffled.” Players draw one domino. The player drawing the highest double or if no double, the highest domino plays first. Re-shuffle and then begin drawing the first hand. Each player then draws seven dominoes for his hand. The …

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