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Voting Booty

John Oliver

I’m not entirely convinced this is a good idea.

SNL is back in Studio 8H and it strikes me as being a dangerous exposure. Back Stage is very tight and cramped. Cold Open Superspreader Event NBA Bubble The Drew Barrymore Show Stunt Performers Future Ghost Oh, you want news.


Why does anyone care about Joe LIEberman anymore? In 1933, Quisling left the Farmers’ Party and founded the fascist party Nasjonal Samling (National Union). Although he achieved some popularity after his attacks on the political left, his party failed to win any seats in the Storting and by 1940 it was still little more than …

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Late Reactions

Seth and Trevor are tardy.

Luntz Focus

It’s supposed to remind you of “Let’s Focus” but it makes so much sense you might not see the pun.

Imagining the Perp Walk

It would certainly give me a bit of satisfaction, I just think Civil War is more likely. Trump is right to panic by Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post September 30, 2020 Every incumbent president wants to win reelection. It is an admission of failure if voters send you home after four years. A first-class narcissist such …

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Debate 1

Frankly I don’t think there’s going to be a Debate 2. Biden ain’t good but he’s better than that. Unindicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio will be thrashed and run away like all bullies. However this won’t change a thing. C-SPAN

Good Times?

Depends who you ask. Food Service.

John Oliver and the Supremes

Poetry, don’t say I won’t put it on the Front Page. Welcome back John. You keep me hanging on.

Death and…

Well, the one you’ve been waiting for. The New York Times somehow obtained copies of the Tax Returns. It is both interesting and instructive, also very, very long. TRUMP’S TAXES SHOW CHRONIC LOSSES AND YEARS OF TAX AVOIDANCE Yeah, that’s the Headline and it’s the Front Page Feature on the e-Edition, takes up the whole …

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News that is not so bad.

So, you remember Pebble Mine? The one that everyone in Alaska hated because it will ruin about a 3rd of their Salmon fishery which is only worth a few Billion a year? The one that got pushed through because of corrupt Republicans? Why looky here- In secret tapes, mine executives detail their sway over leaders …

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