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Infrastructure and Alternative Energy = Good Strong Growth

source go site No money for infrastructure? Get ready to crumble! July 28: Ed Rendell, former governor of Pennsylvania, talks with TRMS guest host Melissa Harris-Perry about the litany of benefits that would come with more investment in US infrastructure and the certain disaster if Republicans succeed in slashing government spending.

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enter Not only infrastructure but add in alternative energy and new needed grid needs for.  

Our Crumbling Infrastructure – “The Fix We’re In For”

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women taking levitra And this is just about the bridges

acquistare vardenafil online sicuro pagamento online The wealthy, levitra generic form failed wall street capitalism, need these fixes as much or more then the rest of us in the masses, just to maintain that hoarded wealth, as they certainly aren’t paying for now, neither here nor overseas as they hide that capital all over!

This while little investment from the street as well as the wealthy is coming in to build the needed green economy and as the residential, commercial and industrial construction industry sits idled, from laborers to tradesman, like myself, right on up that ladder and into the office personal and professions!

It’ll cost many times over the longer we wait and do little or nothing and that’s been way to long already, way too long!