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There is a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you think about it? Yes I will.


Probably elaborate fanfic, but it could be Colin Trevorrow’s script for Rise of the Skywalkers.




Chocolate, how can you go wrong?


Row Wood Jr. Trevor Stephen Seth

Live Free Or Die

New Hampshire was first settled by Europeans at Odiorne’s Point in Rye (near Portsmouth) by a group of fishermen from England under David Thompson [1] in 1623, just three years after the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth. Early historians believed the first native-born New Hampshirite, John Thompson, was born there. Fisherman David Thompson had been sent …

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Primary Eve

‘Twas the Night Before Primaries When Every House Gets Volunteer Knocking And A Call to Turn Out I could probably do better but I’m tired. Trevor Other News. Stephen Seth Primary? What Primary?


People Talk Funny


I’m not deliberately snooting Trevor, he has no new material posted. Secret Asset Man Arthur, I’m not sure I agree with you Then again, I’m an Atheist. Seth

The Morning After… The Night Before

Look, if you don’t click on anything else you need to see this one from Stephen- Inside Shelly Berman. It explains the title. Look, I’m 120+ years old, this is cutting edge like Lenny Bruce. Roy Wood Jr. Trevor Stephen Seth


Roy Wood Jr. Trevor Stephen Seth Amber Says


Yeah, didn’t see any of it last night because I was watching Primary Coverage. Still am for that matter. Trevor Stephen Seth

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