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Victims of China Quake: Children And Young Families

On Monday, Fu Guanyu dropped off her young son, Wang Zhilu, at his grandparents’ house so she could go to work. Minutes later, the earthquake hit.

She rushed back home and saw their apartment building in ruins. She says soldiers came right away to help, but they had no equipment.

Two days later, the heavy machinery is on the way. As an excavator clears a path, Fu and her husband Wei Wang search the debris, calling for their son.

After a long while, the workers stop. They have found bodies.

link: http://www.npr.org/templates/s…

The NPR story concludes, tragically, with the rescue worker informing the parents that three bodies were found: the grandfather, holding his two year old grandson in his arms with his wife clutching his back.

i am not young enough to know everything

“I am not young enough to know everything.”

~Oscar Wilde


Born:  October 16, 1854 in Dublin, Ireland

Died: November 30, 1900 (aged 46) in Paris, France

Occupation:  Playwright, novelist, poet

Nationality:  Irish

My impression of this quote is that only young children know everything. When they get older and slower in the mind, they are less likely to believe and therefore to less likely to know the most about unusual but interesting things.

Children believe in fairy tales or some forms of magical happenings, and they also believe in scientifically-incorrect theories such as aliens and Area 54. They believe in certain legends, myths, and fables, and all kinds of other stories.

Oscar Wilde was sometimes called the Man of Barbed Wit, because he could think of many insults to spout at one time that made many people laugh, and many people scowl. He was extremely smart until the day he died; never letting anyone place him as the butt of a joke.

He is saying in this quote that you only believe all those amazing things once, when you are a child. After you age, you begin to think of all those amazing things as foolishness, infantine. This is why it is good to enjoy being young while you are.

Most children can identify over 1,000 Corporate Logos but less than 10 native plants and animals.

This is a cross CROSS post about depleted uranium, Iraqi children, privileged homebirthers and war

Hi all,

This is my first official post at docudharma. Exciting. 🙂

I wrote this post which combined a quick note of thanks I wrote as a self introduction to OOIBC, images I posted for Wordless Wednesday and an older post I wrote about being a privileged north amerikkkan homebirther who can reasonably expect to birth children that are not irradiated and howling in pain, birthing in peace and quiet not amid the sounds of bombs and the screams of the traumatized, dominated and dying.

I just want to offer a quick thank you to Edger for turning me in the direction of this group blogsite. I appreciate the words of encouragement, Edger.



originally posted onWednesday, March 26, 2008

Greetings from darkdaughta…

I'm darkdaughta. My other blog is here.

I'm new here. I was invited over the weekend but I waited. I wanted to bring something useful to the conversation. I wanted to bring something that locates me not just as a war resister, but also as a mama, as a flesh being who is attempting to deal with her lived reality as someone who benefits from the war in Iraq.

So, I thought every day since the first invitation about what would do this space justice and about what I could come bearing that would help to expose what our warlords have brought to the people of Iraq.


“And A Child Shall Lead Them…”

A famous US patriot once said “These are the times that try men’s souls.” At the time, he spoke of the events and circumstances surrounding the birth of a nation destined to be defined by the rights and freedoms of the people; a nation led by government of the People, by the People and for the People, where leaders could inspire the People to stand united in spite of differing opinions or particular religious influence.

The advent of the twenty-first century has marked the most severe departure from our founding principles than ever before. We stand on the brink of self-immolation, leaderless and adrift, while selfish, arrogant hypocrites steer our ship of state toward the shoals.

Should we fail now to grow resolute and united in our determination to right this ship, we fail not only ourselves but our children, and their children’s children.

It is time to look to those children for inspiration and a reminder of what we, as adults, are tasked with as parents and guardians: to create and foster an environment where children can grow to adulthood, secure in the knowledge that we have passed along the best models for ethical leadership and responsible stewardship of this nation that we know how.

No woman should die giving birth.

Recently, I wrote about where we would like to be in the next 100 years. Most of us in the left-wing blogosphere want to see the end of world hunger, wars, and poverty, among other things. But there was one thing missing from that declaration — no woman should have to die giving birth to their child. This is a goal that the UN Population Fund has set (UNFPA).

I propose that, to #10, the eradication of disease:

All major diseases will be eliminated through massive new investment, research, and design in drugs and treatments. All people will have universal access to such treatments. Prevention will be the primary source of treatment for diseases.

That we add at the end, “No woman should die giving birth to their child or children.”

Cooler than Greenland! Lynxgirl and Blanket the Globe on CNN!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting(Updated with permalink)Many of you here at Docudharma really helped to get the early word out about this project when Lynxgirl posted this diary, so you might enjoy this little follow-up. You may even agree that this is cooler than Greenland, although that’s not saying much these days.

Click on the link below and first there’s a great Myles O’Brien piece about Gore and climate change. But stay tuned because right after, you’ll see a lovely piece about Blanket the Globe. First Gore. Then my daughter, Casey. Then a bit about the Solar Decathlon and the battle over water with Bill Richardson. Great company!

Click here for the CNN Student News newscast.

The newscast and accompanying photo album are terrific.

Have you, your kids, your students, your grandkids, your neighbors, your friends, made squares?  If so, be sure to find their art work in the BTG slide show.  If not, Why?  Everything you need is right on the website.

(proud mama over at T&P)

Suffer the little children…

“Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God.”

  — Mark 10:14

The cesspool of vitriolic evil that comes from the lunacy of the radically unhinged — those who so often tout the importance of “family values” yet staunchly fail to promote or defend anything remotely resembling an actual “value” — has come alive, foaming at the mouth and conducting focused attacks upon two young children and their family. The curtain has been pulled away, and the creature behind it revealed for what it truly is: an un-evolved cretin, wearing a fleshy mask of humanity in an effort to blend in with the rest of the human race, but screeching an ungodly hypocrisy that is no longer hidden behind by a veil of illusion.

These are the same people who support an illegal war. These are the same people who forsake the freedoms our forefathers fought to provide this nation over 200 years ago. These are the same people who call themselves Christians and Patriots while undermining the fundamental teachings of Christ and subverting our Constitution.

They call themselves “conservatives.” They call themselves Republicans…

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