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Hillary: the reason we’re rootin’ tootin’ in bum-f***ing Timbuktu

Is because:  

“You can’t say because they haven’t done something they’re not going to do it.”

Clinton was talking about the trivially remote, non-chance that dirt-poor “terrorists” in Mali (AQiM! Who are totally dependent on the arms we supplied to Gaddafi’s opposition in Libya during our previous menage a trois with the formerly cheese-eating surrender monkeys) would attack the US of A, the richest, most prick-bristling aggressors in the history of the planet.  However incoherent and nonsensical, Clinton’s statement has an empty ring of truth, not only for Mali, but for every dirt poor country on the planet: just because they haven’t attacked don’t not mean they willn’t.  Which is identical in spirit to Dick Cheney’s barking paranoid 1% doctrine, except for being even further off the deep end, in that p = 0.01 of being “attacked out of nowhere” has been reduced by Clinton to a possibility so obscure as to be sub-threshold to a footnote of a fleeting thought that failed being written as a nano-dot on the back of a cocktail napkin during an alcoholic haze that would make Hunter Thompson swear off booze for realz.  I’m so old I remember when bum-fucking Timbuktu was a mythological nether world, but it seems we have finally taken a genuine interest in geography as the era of abundance and growth abruptly ends.

Meanwhile, it must have been Tuesday, because reality was observed in the form of a Belgian MP  putting his size 13 waffle-stompers into his parliament’s ass on the issue of supporting Western meddling in resource-rich regions of Africa.  It’s a friggin’ doozy of a smackdown, if you have any interest in reality refusing to be mugged by Clintonesque constructions.

(sorry, iframe won’t embed, so you have to click on the link.  Be sure to click on “cc” closed captions on the vid’s tool bar after the vid starts rolling, in case you don’t understand “fuck you” in French.)

Late Night ‘Tooning

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By zwoof at 2008-05-11

A cartoon is worth a thousand pictures

Prediction: If Obama Nominee, Hillary Under The Bus

Over at Talk Left, BTD is arguing that if, as his supporters and surrogates say, Obama has locked this thing up, he should attempt to unify the party–that it is not Hillary who should do this (as Kos and Meteor Blades argue).  http://www.talkleft.com/story/…

I argue the opposite.  I believe if Obama gets the nomination, not only does he not try to gain the consent of Hillary supporters, and not only does he not request Hillary to help in his campaign (much less ask her to be his v-p), he throws Hillary under the bus.  

My prediction is that Hillary will become the token of what is characterized as “old school” politics, divisiveness, and the belt way.  I think Obama determines that Hillary supporters, in the end, will not vote for McSame no matter what he does and that he will run to the right (to the extent he cannot simply run on hope, change and unity) in the general election.

What do you think?