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Just Looking

Posted at Daily Kos and as “My Views from Last Week” at Star Hollow Gazette.

I have a few pleasant photography stories to tell from a week ago. Between the autumn color and the desperation of one last warm weather week, it was a good week for a photo buff. Now don’t go busting my bubble by just looking at the photos because you can learn a lot from a photographer. We see things.

Below you will find a Third Rock from the Sun brief encounter during an evening walk in the Village. I have several memories from a lecture I attended on photojournalism. There is a pleasant Veterans Day walk under the George Washington Bridge on the New Jersey side followed by a sunset from the New York side. Then a Friday afternoon walk in Central Park with some music videos I made and all day Saturday there too. There is even a little taste of Florence, Italy.  

Pony Party: Monday NFL Roundup (with poem!!)

Arizona 23 Baltimore 26
San Diego 24 Green Bay 31
Indiannopolis 30 Houston 24
Minnesota 10 Kansas City 13
Buffalo 7 New England 38
Miami 28 NY Jets 31
Detroit 21 Philadelphia 56
San Francisco 16 Pittsburgh 37
St Louis 3 Tampa Bay 24
Jacksonville 23 Denver 14
Cleveland 24 Oakland 26
Cincinnati 21 Seattle 24
Carolina 27 Atlanta 20
NY Giants 24 Washington 17
Dallas _34 Chicago _10

Tennessee @ New Orleans, 8:30 edt (ESPN)

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