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Obama on Fox

Well it’s certainly been interesting to watch the fervent Obama supporters justify and spin his appearance on Fox News Sunday.

Having seen it twice now (9 am and 10 am, there are repeats at 2 pm and 6 pm on Fox News Channel) I myself have come to 2 conclusions-

First of all, Barack Obama is not particularly liberal or progressive.  While his performance was masterful and left Chris Wallace flopping around like a fish out of water, Obama achieved his success by basically throwing the Democratic part of the Democratic Party under the bus.

John Roberts?  Puleeeeze.

Nor was that the only example.

Armando warned us months ago that politicians always disappoint and if you are of the belief that Barack is just fooling the Villagers and that he really doesn’t mean the things he says about “bi-partisanship” then he was lying like a rug today.

Which brings me to my second point.  Some people think this struggle is about this or that person.  They are sadly mistaken.  It is about an elitist anti-democratic (note the small d) culture in government and the corporate media that has thrown away the Constitution and the Rule of Law and seeks only raw power for the benefit of a small cadre of the ultra rich (yes Tweety, $5 million a year makes you ultra rich).

It’s not that Hillary or St. McSame are any better, in many respects they are demonstrably worse.

Once again I find myself forced to choose a lesser evil and yet I choose it with the understanding that as evil as it is even incremental steps forward are progress.  You work your ass off to achieve small changes in the environment that will make the job easier in the future.

Anything else is just giving up and that is the coward’s way out.