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Stevie Wonder said Yes We Can!!!! (I was there)

here Just saw Stevie Wonder at the White River Ampitheater – Here is the incredible version he did of Chick Corea’s “Spain”.  He also did a nice cover of the Stylistics’ “People Make the World Go Round.”  I woke up with an “earworm” of it going around in my head.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=lasix-hearing-loss-side-effect He presented his daughter Aisha who sang a number & is one of his backup singers (“Isn’t She Lovely” was written about her.) We saw the winner of the Sing With Stevie Wonder contest, a white chick from Lynnwood.  Stevie was also joined by Sanjay Malakar of nearby Federal Way, who originally auditioned with “Signed Sealed & Delivered,” which is the song Obama rallies usually close with.  (Someone had to whisper Sanjay’s name into Stevie’s ear so he could announce him, as he apparently doesn’t “follow” American Idol either.)  

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-viagra-generico-25-mg-a-Genova Stevie put in about five plugs for Obama – he overtly said he supports him during the introduction, kept talking about positivity, not being afraid to win, change, hope, moving forward, and ended with “Yes We Can!”  He mentioned a racial incident in which some of his band were told a restaurant was closing which obviously wasn’t.  “In 2008, in America, this is simply unacceptable,” he said.

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http://heringerestates.com/?search=isordil-drug-action-of-lasix The Ampitheater is huge.  It’s hosted Radiohead, Coldplay etc. and provides some competition to The Gorge Ampitheater further to the east.  You have to cross some interesting terrain to get to it.  Loved the graffiti on the rez and the fireworks stands like Kenny’s Big Kaboom and Safe Insane Fireworks and would drive out there again with a camera, even at today’s gas prices.

captopril drug monograph lasix The Muckleshoots sold $4 bottles of Dasani water, which is just Seattle water straight out of the tap, and they sold Indian Tacos and Fry Bread for $7, beers for $8.  I smuggled in my own pop and could definitely have brought in a camera but I didn’t know.

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