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News You Won’t Read in the Newspapers: Unemployment breaks 10%

The Bureau of Labor Statistics re-organized their website, and it took me an extra four minutes to find out what the unemployment rate was for July.

Why would a re-organization slow down finding that info? Because I do not look for the “headline” or U3 measure of unemployment. I look for the “broad” or U6 measure, which takes into account those “marginally attached” to the labor force as well as those working part time who would rather be working full time.

You might not have ever seen these figures, so I’m going to try to copy the whole table, if it works … lessee, View/PageSource … uh … search for <table … copy, paste … come back to Docudharma … OK, here goes nothing …

Series Id:           LNS13327709
Seasonal Adjusted
Series title:        (seas) Total unemployed, plus all marginally attached workers plus total
                     employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of all civilian labor
                     force plus all marginally attached workers
Labor force status:  Aggregated totals unemployed
Type of data:        Percent
Age:                 16 years and over
Percent/rates:       Unemployed and mrg attached and pt for econ reas as percent of labor force plus
                     marg attached


Yoopie! It Worked!

Now, this is seasonally adjusted … unadjusted given below (the figures are worse in summer and better at Christmas) …

Yup, even though GDP was up by a “healthy 1.9%” last quarter … broad unemployment rose from 9.1% before the start of 08Q2 to 9.9% at the end of 08Q2 … and July is up to 10.3%.

And, no, you won’t read these figures in the newspaper … newspapers go by the press release, they do not go looking for the alternate measures (maybe if they did, the alternate measures would be even harder to find).

Sign ze papers, or you don’t work here

In this one I stated how the company you work for owns you.  I have the pdf file which says.


Employees can be held liable for damages to the company.

Thing two now comes at my wife.  The “health care” company she works for has demanded she sign her rights away or get zero hours next week.

If you have not signed the agreement you will be removed from the schedule.

In Amerika signing under duress constitutes an “agreement”.

Anti-public- corruption-compliance

Anti-public-corruption compliance is the latest global buzzword and it may be take in the literal sense.  Compliance with corruption that is not in the public interest.

The US had Enron which begat Sarbanes-Oxley.  Hegelian dialectic at it’s best, problem, reaction, “solution”.

Waiting for Home Solar Panels?

Wouldn’t it be great if rooftops all over the country generated electricty from the sun?  It is rumored that Nicola Tesla, father of alternating current was given funding by American tycoon J.P. Morgan.  Tesla’s dream was free energy for all but J.P. said, “That’s all well and good Mr. Tesla, but where do I put my meter”.

I present a trade magazine article illustrating a barrier to implementing such an idea.  Read on while I translate the businessease doublespeak and compare it to other electronic business successes stories.

Trade Show

The Materials Research Society fall meeting at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston has come and gone.


This materials convention features the most advanced research in the creation of tomorrows industrial materials.  Seminars have titles such as”Atomic Layer Depsition-Fundamentals and Applications in Nanotechnology and 3D structures” or how about “Interfacing Quantum Dots, Metallic and Magnetic Nanoparticles with Biology” plus scientific equipment vendors show their wares.  Our lab deals with industrial materials so at the suggestion of my boss several of us went. This particular society and convention was new to me even though in 20 years I have attended many other similar events.

This convention had all of the interests and benefits of any other large scientific show.  Talks with familiar salesmen, scoping out new capabilities and technology used in other industries and in general it was a very good take.


The most eery of all feeling hit me before we called it quits.  

Where is everybody?  This is a major big city, big time convention and attendance seemed to be off.  As I thought back, recollecting recent years the nagging though intensified.  Yes, attendance has been off for quite some time now.

It was an emotional break.  Not so much escaping the lab for a day but escaping the anal retentive accountants and business policies they generate.  These are the things that are increasingly taking the joy out of something pure, the science.

Memo to all Employees

I am going to quote this verbatum.

“Employees may also be held liable for damages suffered by the company”.

Let’s see if I am really reading this right, yup, that’s what is says.

“Employees may also be held liable for damages suffered by the company”.

Well it’s real, it’s on the company website, all real and official looking.  I have a pdf of it on at least two computers now.  In addition to the obvious Satan inspired policy changes reading between the lines a trained analyst such as myself can easily extrapolate the proximity and severity of the imminent dystopian future.

I still work here though so providing other details over the world wide web might be a bit questionable.  Anyway if the wingers ask you what “rights” you have lost during this war of terra you may cite this example.

Who do you work for?

Are you just a mere “employee”?

You can laugh at me now but I get to publish it after they fire my ass!



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