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The State of the Blogosphere.

One vision has been achieved. We have ousted the most horrific set of thugs, criminals and liars that ever inhabited the White House and prevented their proxy and his doxie from occupying it.

I say we….because between the elections of 2006 and the election of 2008 there is no longer any doubt that the blogs, that the citizens who post on the blogs, were an undeniable influence on both elections. Particularly this one. We have ended one “world,” now it is time to create a new one.

We have power…with power comes responsibility.

Our first responsibility is to use our power wisely. And, effectively. That means (to the extent possible with herds of cats/bloggers) settling on some form of broad agenda. Having some purpose in mind. Agreeing, in the broad strokes necessary to be inclusive and thus effective, on what we want to accomplish and then working together to accomplish it.

In other words, having a shared vision and working to achieve it.

We are, at least to some extent, newly directionless. One mission achieved, one vision achieved…and hundreds of thousands if not millions of bloggers waiting for a new mission, a new vision. A percentage of those (it remains to be seen what percentage) will just fall in behind Obama, which is by no means a bad thing. We can certainly all agree on what he has stated are his three main points of emphasis: Getting out of Iraq, health care, and Climate Crisis. Obviously the economy is now on that list. I would add disinfecting the government, the DOJ for example simply MUST be cleaned out of the politicized vermin that have come to inhabit it, and there simply must be some accountability to do so. Or we will never get anywhere. So to SOME extent, our tasks are clear. How we achieve them however is far from clear. Do we just follow Obama’s lead blindly? Of course not, that would not be responsible. HOW we achieve these things, and as Prop 8 points out, the many other things that we need to achieve is now as much of a question, if not more so, as we currently inhabit a ‘target rich’ environment for things that need changing, as what we want to achieve.

We have shown that we have influence. Can the blogsphere now show leadership?