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Superb Owl LIVe

Ok. 9ers. They have a female Offensive Co-ordinator (what we used to call a Coach or an Assistant Coach). Plus, they are likely to win. So the Chiefs have Mahones. He’s arguably the best there is at the moment and while he’s going up against one of the premier Pass Rushes in the NFL it’s …

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Throwball Playoffs NFC Championship: Packers at @ ‘9ers

Kinda nervous about this one. I have my favorites for a reason and it’s not the 9ers. A Packer win is not impossible. The Seahawks were no slouches and Aaron Rodgers and the Packers didn’t even have to work that hard. The 9ers looked less convincing in their game against a weaker team, the Psychs. …

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Throwball Playoffs AFC Championship: Titans @ Chiefs

Hard to believe, but it’s true, there used to be a whole other Throwball League called the American Football League that got swallowed up by the NFL and that’s why we have two Conferences today. I’m in a quandary about whom I hate most, the Titans or the Chiefs. Now it’s important to understand that …

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Throwball Playoffs Wild Card Day 2 Early Afternoon: Seahawks at Iggles

Yeah, the one with the wack seeding. Look there is simply no way the 9 – 7 Iggles are anywhere near as good as the 11 – 5 Seahawks, they play in the worst Division in the League (yes the AFC East has the Dolphins and the Jets, they also have the Patsies). Plus the …

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Throwball Playoffs Wild Card Day 2 Early Afternoon: Psychs @ Aints

This one is not difficult at all. The Psychs and Errs are perennial rivals of my Packers so I already hate them. The Aints have been deemed mildly acceptable by TMC who is sentimental about Katrina. I’m impressed by Drew Brees’ arm and he’s one of the big deal QBs, just like Loser Brady, so …

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Throwball Playoffs Wild Card Day 1 Evening: Titans @ Patsies

Easy pick. I hate the Patsies more than any other team in Throwball. I hope Brady has an off night, this is his last game in Foxborough ever, he has a miserable, long, and lackluster career with the Giants or the Jets or the Dolphins or the Browns until he’s too crippled to move the …

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Throwball Playoffs Wild Card Day 1 Afternoon: Bills @ Texans

Yes, it’s that time of year when we get to talk about which teams we hate more With even records of 10 – 6 the Bills are favored by 3 points which the Times think the Texans will cover and I do not. The Bills problem is they have a stodgy ‘ball control’ offense that …

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Super Bowl LIII

Isn’t that the backside of a sail? Let’s get this out of the way first. There is

Throwball Conference Championships: Patsies at Chiefs

Have I mentioned recently that I hate the Patsies with the white hot intensity of a thousand Suns? Well, at least not since last week, I’ve been distracted. This is of course because Robert Kraft dicked over Hartford so he could extort a better Stadium in Foxboro, but also because Bill Belichick and Tom Brady …

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Throwball Conference Championships: Scams at Aints

Time to get your hate on. We are now at that part of the post-Season where the contestants start to match the “official” title hype. There is no doubt that the two teams that emerge from the Conference Championships will advance to the Super Bowl (LIII I think) and represent the NFC and the AFC. …

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Throwball Quarterfinals: Iggles at Aints

Well, I still hate the Iggles just as much as ever, maybe even more, while the Aints have my grudging respect because of Katrina. You know that 5 Cops were convicted of gunning down 6 unarmed civilians (2 dead) on Danziger Bridge for crossing while Black, right? And they lied their asses off about it …

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Throwball Quarterfinals: Chargers at Patsies

Have I mentioned that I hate the Patsies with the white hot passion of a thousand suns because of the way Robert Kraft dicked over Hartford to get his new Stadium? Oh, yeah, right. He’s also a huge supporter of Unidicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio and Bibi, got a medal for it and everything. So are …

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